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Question:  Has the formation of linguistic states strengthened the cause of Indian unity? Analyse.


Answer:  India is a vibrant linguistic nation with wide range of languages spoken in different parts of the country. Based on popular demand, the states have been constituted on linguistic basis after the Fazal Ali commission report, which emphasised on the need to do. Linguistic states contributing towards unity of country is always a matter of debate.

How linguistic states strengthened unity of country

  • Focus on national issues
    Earlier to reorganization of states, the focus would be on the rights of the state, language and protection of indigenous culture. After reorganization, the state and its people no longer have to worry about their existence as it has already been secured so they focused more on the issues that concerns our country as a whole.
  • Cultural heritage
    Pride on cultural heritage was not only restricted to language or a local culture. It translated into national heritage that allowed people to associate themselves with rest of the citizens of India. This allowed regionalism to translate into nationalism.

How linguistic states have withered Indian unity

  • Rise of regionalism
    Formation of linguistic states strengthened political narrative of certain sections that allowed them to propagate regionalism. Regionalism created a sense of separate identity for a state that dissociated them from rest of the country and degraded Indian unity.
  • Interstatedisputes
    Language has become an issue of dispute between two or more states. Linguistic minorities have been considered alien and their rights are being suppressed. Infighting takes place between sections of people on the issue of language and core of Indian unity is destroyed.

Thus, linguistic states were a necessary considering the need to protect language and culture of people. But for fulfilling that obligation, certain values such as unity of the nation has been compromised.

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