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Question:  Has the Cadre based Civil Services Organization been the cause of slow in India? Critically examine.


Answer:  Civil Services in India has been organised in such a way that they are appointed by the union government but their immediate control is exercised by the state government. This ensures that officers are aligned with both the governments.

Disadvantages of cadre based civil service

  • Groupism
    The cadre based civil service has high tendency to turn into groups that hinder implementation of work. These groups can prevent undertaking of programmes that are not in interest of certain sections. Such groups are undesirable.
  • Regionalism
    Staying in a particular state and working towards interest of that particular state can reduce the work of the civil servant towards realisation of regional goals. The integrated idea of All India service will lose if interest of the union is not upheld. In future such sectional interest will result in secessionist tendencies.
  • Political self interest
    Staying in one state for a long time will create contacts with political parties. This will make them biased and they will be get indulged in activities that are unethical. Political and bureaucratic joining for self interest is not acceptable.

Advantages of cadre based civil service

  • Stable period of service
    Civil servants serving in a particular state will have some time to implement their programmes and ensure better delivery of services. This will remove any sense of insecurity that a civil servant may have due to varying state of service.
  • Greater understanding of region
    Civil servants belonging to a particular state will have opportunity to work in their respective states. The government will need less efforts to train the officer to adjust to the environment due to his/her origin from that respective state. This will also enable them to work more efficiently.
  • Greater accountability
    In comparison to varying uniform cadre, state based cadre is more accountable. Individual officers are responsible to their respective government. They can be held guilty for their offence. If there is migration of officer from state to state, accountability cannot be established firmly.
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