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Question:  Growth of allied agriculture has helped in popularizing blue economy. Discuss the benefits of practicing inland and marine aquaculture.


Answer:  Agriculture sector in India is exhibiting saturation point. The productivity from intensive agriculture is no longer enough to support large population especially rural areas. In this regard, allied sectors such as animal husbandry and aquaculture has gained more popularity.

Forms of aquaculture

  • Inland aquaculture
    In inland aquaculture, large artificial or natural ponds are developed for growing fishes and marine organisms such as prawns and oysters. This form is more suitable in areas which is away from sea shore.
  • Marine aquaculture
    In marine aquaculture, natural sea is used for growing organisms. Structures are erected that will hold nets and frames for growing. This is usually more cheaper in comparison to other forms.

Benefits of aquaculture

  • Low investment
    Compared to other form of investment such as agricultural equipment and setting up large industries, aquaculture investment is very low. There are cheap loans available for setting up new aquaculture units.
  • Fixed growth
    Aquaculture is more fixed with respect to growth prospects. The output is yearly stable and less vulnerable to climate change. Pest threats to aquaculture is low in comparison to agriculture.
  • Reduced maintenance cost
    There is no yearly maintenance cost as compared to other forms of investment venture. With minimal planning, more profits can be earned in aquaculture.
  • Alternative income
    Aquaculture is also a great supplementary form of income to farmers. It helps in reducing threats of economic failure. It also gives farmers cushion to innovate and take risks as it provides a more fixed income.
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