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Question-2:  There is a great opportunity for India to secure some of its crucial interests as tensions rise between US and China . Do you agree? Comment.

Answer: US-China rivalry is dubbed as the cold war of the 21st century. The rivalry coincides with an upward trajectory in India-U.S. relations.

This is important for equilibrium and multi-polarity in Asia, even as India and China try to build much-needed trust and cooperation.

Friction points between US and China

  • Trade war
    The trade war between the two largest economies is regarding duties on various goods. The US believes that China is misusing developing country status.
  • South China sea
    US and China want to dominate the South China sea region. China considers the region as its traditional backyard but US believes in shared ownership.
  • Taiwan
    China believes that Taiwan is part of its territory and seeks to unite. The US on the other hand believes in right to self determination and wants Taiwan’s independent status to stay.
  • Human Rights
    Western powers, including the US have accused that China has violated human rights by placing Uighur Muslims in detention camps.
  • Illegal spying
    US has accused many Chinese multinational companies such as Huawei of using their infrastructure to spy on Western powers. The US has banned equipment manufactured by Huawei.

Opportunities for India

  • Stronger defence ties
    India can take forward its existing defence ties with US to the next level. This will help us in protecting our sovereignty in case of Chinese aggression.
  • Trade relations
    US is looking for new trade avenues and India has all the potential to replace China. Growing trade will help us economically.

Thus, India should not officially push forward any policy that intends to take advantage of the crisis. We should stick to our fundamental foreign policy of non-alignment so that international order is maintained.

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By- Prashant Tiwari

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