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Question -2. Good nutrition has the power to empower the present and future generations. Explain


AnswerIndia’s greatest national treasure is its people — especially women and children — but even after 75 years of independence, a majority of them do not get the required diet to meet their nutritional needs.

Various reports have shown that infants and new mother are the biggest sufferers due to malnutrition.

Importance of good nutrition

  • A child’s nutritional status is directly linked to their mother. Poor nutrition among pregnant women affects the nutritional status of the child and has a greater chance to affect future generations.
  • Undernourished children are at risk of under-performing in studies and have limited job prospects.
  • This vicious cycle restrains the development of the country, whose workforce, affected mentally and physically, has reduced work capacity.
  • While there has been some progress in tackling malnutrition among children and women over the past decade, the improvement has been modest at best.
  • There is a greater need now to increase investment in women and children’s health and nutrition to ensure their sustainable development and improved quality of life.
  • The Prime Minister’s Overarching Scheme for Holistic Nourishment (POSHAN) 2.0 programme is a good initiative in this direction.

Thus, India must adopt an outcome-oriented approach on nutrition programmes. There has to be direct engagement with nutritionally vulnerable groups, and contribute toward ensuring last-mile delivery of key nutrition services and interventions.

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