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Question:  Gender specific violence has increased drastically across the world during the pandemic times. Explain role of Istanbul Convention in protecting women from violence.


Answer:  Gender violence is an act of harming an individual belonging to a particular gender, especially women. This act has been increasingly visible in all parts of the world, especially the under-developed and developing countries.

Gender based violence

  • Sexual exploitation
    This includes forcing women to indulge in sexual activities without their consent. In recent times, it is used as an intimidatory tactic to instill fear.
  • Domestic violence
    Using physical violence on women in order to establish dominance. This includes beating them, abusing them and degrading their value in house and society.
  • Hate crimes
    This is usually prevalent in societies where women are expected to keep a low profile. If they break the glass ceiling, they will be killed or hurt. It also includes heinous acid attack.
  • Infanticide
    This practice is also considered to be gender specific violence. It involves gender checking of fetus and aborting it in case it is a female.

Istanbul convention

  • Istanbul convention is a Council of Europe treaty to prevent violence against women across the countries.
  • The convention aims to make it a compulsion on state to initiate laws to protect women against gender atrocities.
  • The convention not only makes preventive measures to prevent violence such as murder, physical violence, dowry harassment, sexual crimes etc, it also makes provisions to punish the guilty.

Role of Istanbul convention in protecting women from violence

  • Burden on state
    The state will have to ensure that relevant laws are made domestically to protect women from violence such as hate crimes, domestic violence and also sexual crimes. They even have to ensure punishing of guilty.
  • Uniform laws in accordance with international standards
    The convention creates uniform laws that are up to international standards and are designed to be effective. It helps in giving teeth to the existing provisions.
  • Upholding women rights
    The convention not just envisions punishment for crimes, but rather promotes rights of women. It propagates equality in society for women of all sections.

Thus, Istanbul convention has a major role to play in protecting women from violence. It creates a suitable environment for gender-equal society.

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