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Question: What introduces friction into the ties between India and the United States is that Washington is still unable to find for India a position in its global strategy, which would satisfy India’s National self- esteem and ambitions” Explain with suitable examples.


Answer: India and US have been long time partners in field of economy and trade. But this partnership has not turned into strategic and multilateral due to various factors including Washington’s inability to provide India the role it aspires for.

The issues that plague India-US partnership

  • Nuclear ambition
    It is well known fact that India aspires for a larger nuclear arsenal in order to spread its dominance. It also believes in better usage of nuclear energy to fuel its ever-growing demand for energy. With restrictions in place, India aims at getting leniency for assuming greater participation in nuclear grouping, which has less encouragement from US.
    Ex: India’s aim of joining NSG has been repeatedly spoiled by rival groupings and US has not done enough to amend.
  • Global leadership role
    Even though India is one of the largest nation, it has hardly received any leadership roles that it considers its right. This includes a seat on the UNSC, which is of tremendous importance. It has been observed that US indulges in side lining India’s interest in global groupings and instead promotes its close partners.
    Ex: The UNSC seat can be easily given to India but the current members do not want to give up their hegemony in global politics.
  • Geopolitical problems
    US has done little when it comes to solving Kashmir issue and putting a check on the activities of Pakistan and China. There has been no clear policy by the US for supporting India’s rights in the region as it plays a balancing game with Pakistan.
    Ex: US has stood firmly with Israel in disputes whereas the stand is not clear when it comes to India’s interest.
  • Strategic partnership
    US has not been accommodative to India’s participation in global events of importance. Instead it always considers its European partners as default participants. This creates doubts in the mind of Indian establishment regarding its role with US.
    Ex: Space exploration, scientific partnership etc do not consider Indian partnership on a larger basis.

Way forward
US has to take steps that will act as confidence creating measures in Indian administration. This can start by giving India due respect on global platform.

Thus, we can conclude that a concrete step is required by the US to clear its intentions. This is absolutely necessary if there are plans for long term association and partnership that can create a larger coalition with India.

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