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Question-1:  The frequent occurrence of heatwaves is directly linked to human induced climate change. Explain threats emancipating from heatwaves.


Answer:  The condition of excessive temperatures for a period of time is defined as heatwave. The conditions for declaring heatwave depends on the location and is usually associated with extraordinary rise in local temperature.

Role of climate change and heatwaves

  • Global warming
    Rise in global temperatures as a result of greenhouse effect is termed global warming. Rise in temperatures invariably cause increase in heatwave phenomenon.
  • Change in weather pattern
    Climate change has long-lasting impact on weather. Rainfall pattern, wind pattern etc gets affected and as result gives rise to heatwaves.
  • Pressure fluctuations
    Pressure areas are influenced by temperatures. If temperature fluctuations take place, pressure points get changed. This has a major role in creating heat domes.

Threats due to heatwaves

  • Heatstroke
    Humans and animals are affected due to exposure to excessive heat. Body becomes unable to control its temperature and fails to operate.
  • Water shortage
    Excessive heat causes water to evaporate. Open reservoirs get empty and it becomes a challenge to survive with minimum amount of water.
  • Power shortage
    Due to heatwaves, the use of cooling agents increases. The demand outpaces supply, causing shortage of power. This also impacts economic development as industries are unable to function.
  • Disease outbreak
    Shortage of clean drinking water forces people to get water from unhealthy sources. This can give rise to epidemics such as diarrhea, cholera etc.

Thus, heatwaves have a direct link to climate change. Such conditions may become more frequent in future and a detailed plan is required to overcome it.

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