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Question: Foreign engagement through embassy plays a major role in enhancing global image. Describe how a country’s embassy can play a role in elevating reputation positively.


Answer: A country’s reputation on global forum is influenced by the steps and measures take by its embassies in other countries. It becomes very important for embassies to keep the country’s reputation intact in all conditions.

How embassies can enhance reputation?

  • Maintaining neutrality
    The host country’s internal matters must be steered clear so that controversies are not created. The tag of being a responsible country which respects international rules will provide additional edge to its reputation.
  • Cultural integration
     For a country to gain reputation in foreign country, embassy must look for opportunities to create integration between people of the two countries. This integration in form of cultural activity can give a boost on international forum.
    Ex: Food festivals.
  • Social service
    Social activities in host country on a regular basis will also increase the soft power of the country drastically. These activities can be a better tool to make connections with public as compared to financial grants.
    Ex: Organising marathons and health camps.

Way forward
The foreign service officials need to be well informed of the intentions of the nation so that they can spread the message in the serving host country.

Thus, embassies can be considered as an agent of the country which is responsible for the country abroad. Their efforts must be towards a better condition for a  country to develop on the global platform.

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