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Question:  Food security is a major challenge in a country with large population and high vulnerability such as India. Highlight the problems and suggest measures to tackle problem of food security.


Answer:  Food security challenge is a eminent threat that is plaguing countries of the world including India. Both climatic and anthropogenic causes are responsible for creating food security challenges in populous regions of the world.

Reasons for food security threat

  • Variable climate
    Climate change is a reality and its effects are most felt on agriculture sector. Due to changes in temperature, humidity, precipitation and soil conditions, the yields from agriculture has substantially reduced. This puts great pressure on food security.
  • Land use pattern
    The yield from agriculture has been decreasing continuously due to change in land use pattern such as excessive use of fertilizers, over irrigation, acidity. This is further aggravated by segmentation of land over generations, resulting in lower yields.

Measures to tackle food security

  • Organic farming
    Organic farming as a sustainable agriculture technique has been proved over a period of time. This technique has capacity to reduce cost of production and increasing yield from the crops. The health benefits of practicing this technique is also enormous.
  • Backyard and terrace farming
    Every household must be self-sufficient in producing consumable items such as vegetables and fruits. This provides them easy access to healthy food as well as low cost. This allows commercial lands to be freed for growing traditional crops such as cereals, which reduces stress on food security.

Thus, food security challenge must be taken as a priority when working out climate change measures because world can properly function only when hunger is controlled.

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