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Question:  Face recognition technology is a dual-edged sword that can be used for both the betterment of society and violation of rights. Discuss.


Answer:  Facial recognition is a technological tool that can be used to identify people using their facial features. The technology has been used aggressively as a future opportunity but it has many challenges associated with its applications.

Applications of face recognition

  • Identification of criminals
    Face recognition will allow identification of criminals from their face. This will ensure that an individual can be pointed out from any part of the world even in a group.
  • Missing persons
    Missing persons can be easily tracked using this technology. They can be identified from simple CCTV camera footage, making it handy.
  • Security tool
    Facial recognition can be used as a layer of security in firms and offices. The system will give access to individuals by recognizing their face.
  • Biometric attendance
    The technology has also been used as a biometric attendance tool. This will remove the need for personal verification of every individual.

Misuse of face recognition

  • Illegal mass surveillance
    Face recognition has been used by authorities to carry out illegal surveillance of groups. The tool can be used to separate a particular group from others using their facial features.
    Ex: Uighur mass surveillance
  • Privacy violation
    The tool has been used illegally for spying on others. It will track their movements and give data about their personal life. This is a clear violation of privacy.

Thus, facial recognition has indeed the potential to modernize security infrastructure but without proper laws it can be heavily misused.

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