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Question:  Extreme weather conditions such as heat waves have become common in India. Explain the reasons for its occurrence and measures reasons for its occurrence and measures to tackle them.


Answer:  Climate change and global warming are the real culprits for the extreme hot and cold conditions currently taking place across the globe.

Heatwave is a period of extreme hot weather that is further intensified by high humidity and dry winds. These are most common in oceanic belts.

Reasons for heatwaves

  • High pressure
    High pressure in a region prevents new wind systems from entering a given area. The existing winds are compressed and heated.
  • Self-sustaining system
    The hot air system forms a cover over a region known as heat dome. This system prevents outside air from entering a system.
  • Lack of cloud cover and moisture
    Extreme hot conditions evaporate any hint of moisture from an area. It also does not allow cloud cover to form. This allows short wave radiation to easily reach the earth’s surface.

 Effects of heat waves

  • Crop failure
    Crops will not be able to sustain without enough moisture in soil and atmosphere. This can lead to drought-like conditions.
  • Wildfires
    Excessive heating causes plants and trees to dry up to such an extent that a small spark can start a widespread wildfire.
  • Health effects
    People will be left to die under such conditions as hypothermia causes the body’s organs to malfunction and later fail.

Measures to tackle heatwaves

  • Forecasting mechanism
    A strong and efficient forecasting mechanism should be set up which will predict such conditions in advance and help in handling the situation.
  • Appropriate training
    Health care workers need to be appropriately trained so that they can treat patients suffering from the effects of the heatwave.

Thus, extreme conditions such as heatwaves are indeed a threat to countries with low resources. This situation may cause chaos and result in failure of our management system.

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