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Question:  Explain significance of Panchsheel treaty in maintaining regional peace and stability between India and China.


Answer:  The Panchsheel treaty or FivePrinciplesofPeacefulexistence is a bilateral treaty between India and China that aims to create a conductive atmosphere for normalised relations between the two countries. The principles of Panchsheel are still valid when it comes to resolving issues between India and China.

Significance of Panchsheel treaty

  • Neutralexistence
    India and China aim for a neutral existence without interfering in internal affairs of each other. This allows both countries to avoid issues that may be considered controversial and may hinder normal ties between the two countries.
  • Recognisesovereignty
    The treaty aims to recognise full sovereignty of both the states on their respective territories. Both countries will not recognise any part of the territory independently that goes against sovereign principles. Under this treaty, India recognises one China policy for Taiwan and Tibet.
  • Guidingforeignpolicy
    India and China’s foreign policy towards each other is guided mainly through Panchsheel. It has prevented drifts in policy situation regardless of the political atmosphere in the countries. The current difference can also be resolved by following these principles.
  • Peaceful resolution
    The Panchsheel treaty could not prevent the 1962 war but the subsequent peace has been possible through implementing the principles. The Panchsheel has also guided border disputes to be resolved without use of arms and violence.
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