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Question:  Explain how National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture will help in transforming Indian agriculture into profitable and sustainable venture.


Answer:  National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA) has been formulated for enhancing agricultural productivity especially in rainfed areas focusing on integrated farming, water use efficiency, soil health management, and synergizing resource conservation.

NMSA derives its mandate from Sustainable Agriculture Mission which is one of the eight Missions outlined under National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC)

How NMSA will help in transforming agriculture

  • Reduction in input costs
    NMSA aims at increasing income of farmers, especially those that practice subsistence form of agriculture. It will focus on issues such as Zero Budget Farming so as to reduce input costs and make farming profitable.
  • Sustainable use of resources
    The components also include sustainable use of resources such as water, soil, land so that agricultural ecosystem is not degraded. Inculcating practices such as micro irrigation, soil health management are given focus.
  • Reduce negative impact on climate
    Measures are taken to make agriculture less harmful on climate. This includes reducing use of harmful fertilizers, avoiding methane producing crops, reduce pollution of water and land. Sustainable practices such as solar energy, organic fertilizers are recommended.
  • Value addition to farm products
    Current agricultural products are far from valuable. There is a need to add value to products generated through agricultural processing as well as organic products. High demand for organic products provides opportunity for farmers.

Thus, NMSA is a holistic plan that covers various aspects of agriculture not only on the basis of profitability but also on sustainability and climate resilience.

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