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Question:  Electric Vehicles should be promoted as a suitable alternative to petroleum vehicles due to their numerous benefits. Highlight the role of FAME scheme in promoting usage of Electric Vehicles in India.


Answer:  Electric Vehicles (EV) are automobiles that run on electric battery. They have been gaining prominence across the world including India. Considering India’s future needs and climate commitments, EVs provide a good alternative to petroleum vehicles.

Benefits of Electric vehicles over petroleum

  • Non-polluting
    EVs run on clean power without any polluting residue. India’s pollution woes can be controlled up to a large extent through their use.
  • Higher efficiency
    Currently available petroleum vehicles do not completely use the fuels, leading to inefficiency. In addition, they need regular servicing.

Drawbacks of EV

  • Cost of manufacturing
    Cost of manufacturing an Electric Vehicle is costlier than petroleum vehicles. The technology needs modification according to the demands.
  • Lack of service infrastructure
    Electric vehicles have their own needs such as charging and repairing. Currently, such infrastructure does not exist in India.

The FAME scheme

  • The FAME scheme was launched by Ministry of heavy industries to promote Electric Vehicle usage in the country.
  • The scheme is said to be revolutionary for introducing and developing an alternative automobile industry in India.

Role of FAME scheme in promoting EV

  • Charging infrastructure
    The FAME scheme will promote charging stations across the country for seamless movement of vehicles in the country.
  • Incentivizing
    People buying Electric vehicles will be given suitable incentives in form of tax rebates and also insurance and related claims.
  • Subsidies
    Taxes on EVs have been reduced substantially over last few years. Customers as well as sellers are given subsidy to afford an Electric vehicle.

Thus, Electric Vehicle will be the technology for future. It will help India reduce its dependence on petrol and diesel. It can also benefit environment.

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