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Question-2:  Discuss the significance of electoral literacy for a stronger democracy.


Answer:  Voter literacy or electoral literacy means providing citizens of a democracy with basic information about participating in elections.

Voter education is often provided by the state itself, often through a national electoral commission, so it is therefore important that it is politically non-partisan.

Importance of politically aware citizens

  • Prevent electoral malpractices
    Electoral malpractices like capturing booth, fake voters etc can still be found across different regions. To prevent these malpractices, voters have to be educated.
  • Luring voters
    Freebie politics is still prevalent across many parts of the country where parties entice voters with free goods and services. Politically aware citizens can prevent these things from influencing them.
  • Voting on merit
    Candidates are voted based on religious and caste preferences. It is necessary that candidates with merit get elected in an elected office. This can occur only if voter is electorally aware.

Way ahead

  • In a country such as India where literacy rate is very low, voter literacy is even more important to prevent voters from making wrong choices.
  • For a healthy democracy, it is necessary that all measures are taken to impart electoral literacy.

Thus, election management body and other related agencies of a country are responsible for nurturing a democratic nation with a politically literate and empowered citizenry that cherishes democratic values and promotes good governance.

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By- Prashant Tiwari

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