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Question: Drone technology is gaining traction all over the globe. Describe its application in various fields along with salient features.


Answer: Drones manufacturing and innovation has received a boost in recent times due to which its applications and usage has increased. This has opened new spaces for drone usage. Observing the current trend, the government has also formulated policies for administrating drones.

Applications of drone technology

  • Defence and security
    The biggest application of drone would be in defence and security sector. Drones provide opportunity to engage enemies without using any human, thereby reducing risk of casualties. Security of an area can be better monitored through air using drone cameras. These can allow greater insight into the mission.
  • Agriculture
    Agriculture has been adopting drone technology on a wide scale. This includes watering, disease identification, pesticide spraying etc. In addition the drones have the ability to estimate yield of the area by using more advancement.
  • Delivery services
    Delivery services have been increasingly becoming popular and with increasing traffic, drones have provided alternative options. Delivery in form of food, courier, medicines can be undertaken using drones in a faster and timely manner.

Advantages of drone technology

  • Easy handling
    Drone controlling does not require rocket science and instead works on basic knowledge of electronics. Operating drones is more easier than riding vehicles.
  • Ability to reach inaccessible places
    Drones can reach those places that are inaccessible using conventional transport. People living in these areas can be supplemented by transporting items through drones. They are also useful during disasters that takes place in interior.
  • Mass manufacturing
    Unlike aircrafts, drones can be manufactured on a mass scale similar to vehicles. This allows easy procurement and induction in business process. A basic drone can easily be modified for other applications specific to any purpose.

Thus, drones are the technology for the future where most of human functions will be performed by it. The biggest drawback that it faces is the slashing of jobs especially in delivery sector, that it may replace.

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