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Question:  Discuss the positive and negative effects of globalization on women in India.


Answer:  Globalisation is the process of interaction and integration among people, companies, and governments worldwide. The era of globalisation has been boosted through faster connectivity between different regions of the world.

Positive effects of globalisation on women

  • Redefining of role
    Earlier belief that women should be restricted to home has undergone a change. More women have become independent and they have a large role in decision making not only in families but also in society. This has been possible through globalisation as a medium of change.
  • Eradication of bad practices
    The traditional women centric belief such as Sati, child marriage, female foeticide, etc have been eradicated through evolution of thinking practices aided by globalisation. Modernisation has been successfully in changing mindset.
  • Status in society
    Status of women, which had undergone degradation, has been restored thanks to globalisation. The evolving of new order around the world spread new belief everywhere mainly due to globalisation.
  • Employment opportunities
    Globalisation generated new employment opportunities. This was particularly beneficial to women, who otherwise were not considered equal. Employment opportunities have also helped in increasing income levels of families.

Negative effects of globalisation on women

  • Loss in family values
    Family values prevalent from ancient times has been degraded. Women’s role as binding force in family is no longer true. Values such as joint family have no longer validity due to changes in mindset of working women.
  • Loss on moral values
    Loss of moral values have affected both men and women but the drastic changes has been observed in women. Lack of morals have created problems in marriage, personal relationship, and social bonding. This has given rise to divorces due to loss of moral practices.
  • Issues regarding fertility and mental health
    Excessive indulgence in jobs and economic activities have taken a toll on women’s health. Lifestyle diseases have become prevalent. This has created issues related to fertility and mental health. Actions such as suicide have become more regular.
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