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Question-1:  Discuss Journey of India’s federal feature from co-operative to competitive, and now combative or confrontation federalism with examples.


Answer:  Federalism is a system of dual governance in which the powers is distributed between a central authority and a regional authority for easing governance.

The idea of federalism in engrossed in our constitution and was inspired from the Canadian constitution. It is also a part of basic structure of constitution.


Types of federalism

  • Cooperative federalism
    It is a flexible relationship between the federal and state governments in which both work together on a variety of issues and programs.
    Ex: Health and education
  • Competitive federalism
    It is a federalism model in which centre competes with states and vice-versa, and states compete with each other.
    Ex: NitiAayog Ease of Doing Business
  • Confrontational federalism
    It is a federalism structure in which the central government transgresses into the powers of the state government.
    Ex: Investigative powers of CBI

Way ahead

  • India is a federal stateand it can prosper only through cooperation between the centre and states.
  • The Supreme Court also upheld that federal structure of our polity is part of basic structure in SR Bommai vs Union of India (1994).
  • The Union government needs to invest resources towards facilitating effective consultation with States as a part of the lawmaking process.

Thus, a system needs to be established where citizens and States are treated as partners and not subjects.


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