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Question-1The differences between Chief Minister and Governor on exercising powers to appoint Vice Chancellor sets a bad precedent for cooperative federalism in the country. Elaborate.


AnswerThe governor has been provided constitutional position as well as some statutory powers while performing his/her duties. One of the most important function is to act as the Chancellor of state-run universities.

Powers to appoint Vice Chancellor

  • The Governor of the state is the Chancellor of universities and he/she has discretionary powers to appoint Vice Chancellor of state universities.
  • The power to appoint vice Chancellor is independent of state council of ministers’ advice.

Conflicts between Governor and council of ministers

  • There are instances where the government appoints VCs without taking approval from the Governor.
  • This has potential to create a rift, forcing state government to introduce bills to make chief minister as Chancellor.

Issues due to Governor as Chancellor

  • The appointment of VCs by the Governor is expected to create rift between the him and the ministers.
  • This will also create a impression that centre is trying to undermine the state government through such measures.

Powers for State government

Undue influence in universities by ruling party will politicise the learning atmosphere and students will be the affected group.


Way ahead

  • To avoid rift, powers should be given to the council of ministers regarding appointment of VCs.
  • Checks and balances have to be imposed to prevent influence of ruling party on universities.

Thus, the State government and Governor should work in partnership to realise the goal of federalism.

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