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Question: Diaspora diplomacy holds key for India’s wide diplomatic reach across the globe. Explain. 


Answer Indian diaspora is one of the largest in the world and are spread widely. This provides a perfect opportunity for India to make use of their reach to influence global politics. There are some issues that needs addresal too.

Advantages of diaspora diplomacy

  • Influencing political decision in host country
    Indian diaspora with large population holds key in major countries as a large voter base. It becomes important for the country to take care of their needs and respect their opinion while making major policy decisions. This opens a way for India to make use of this fact as a bargaining chip to get favourable treatment.
    Ex: Indo-American diaspora played an important role in reducing tension between India and US. They also acted towards changing American policy away from Pakistani influence.
  • Cultural bridge
    People to people connection plays a major role in strengthening diplomatic ties between two countries. Diaspora will introduce soft power of India in host country through cultural integration, which will pave the way for a stronger relationship.
  • Economic influence
    Indian origin diaspora is one of the richest in the world and their influence in global economic matters is next to none. They have the ability to influence policy using their economic outreach.


Interference in internal matters
The use of diaspora for policy matter has to be significantly low because exceeding the limit will create a negative image as interference in its local matters. This will be considered a grave threat to international relations in the future.

Thus, diaspora can play a major role if provided the right opportunity and direction. Their influence must be more on the softer side rather than strong arming the host country into submission.

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