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Question: Despite consistent experience of high growth, India still goes with the lowest indicators of human development. Examine the issues that make balanced and inclusive development elusive.


Answer: Various international studies and reports have pointed out that India lacks behind developed and developing countries when it comes to human development indicators(HDI). This points out the deficiencies in our current system that needs rectification.


Issues that are reason for low HDI in India

  • Low literacy
    Literacy can be said as one of the greatest reason for India laging in such indicators. All the welfare and social schemes can be successful if people are educated enough to make use of them effectively.
  • Inefficient distribution mechanism
    Most of the government facilities and welfare measures are not able to penetrate to the lowest echelons of the society. This has resulted in them being obsolete and unsuccesful in their endeavour.
  • Lack of innovation
    The government system in India works in a typical fashion without any scope for new ideas and methods to improve. This lack of innovation in terms of schemes or their implementation has reduced the positive effects on the population.
  • Red tapism
    Colonial mindset is still prevalent among large sections of bureaucracy and this has resulted in them being non-sentive and non-empathetic towards social welfare. The red tapism has acted as a barrier to prevent inclusive and balanced development.

Way Forward

  • In order to improve human indicators, all constituents of the society must come together for initiating a change in approach.

Thus, we can observe that defects lie in implementation rather than identification. Efficient and fast mechanism can provide better results over a period of time.

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