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Question:  The current shortcomings in India’s education sector can be offset by adopting technological solutions. Elaborate.


Answer:  India’s education sector is currently facing a situation of peril where the vital parameters that judge the quality have not yet been achieved. These shortcomings are more pronounced in case of government schools and the students studying there are at disadvantage.

Current shortcomings

  • Shortage of teachers
    There is a shortage of well qualified and eligible teachers in schools. In most of the cases, a single teacher is forced to handle multiples classes. This will reduce the quality of teaching.
  • Exposure to real-life situation
    Majority of schools are taught topics that can fetch marks but it will not improve their knowledge or curiosity about the subject. This will be detrimental when they enter society.
  • Accessibility
    The cost involved in school education is very high. Only rich families are able to afford quality education and the rest have to rely on below-par government schools.

Technological solutions to the problem

  • Artificial intelligence
    Artificial Intelligence technology can be used to reach out to schools and students who cannot get quality teachers. It will also help in greater assessment of students.
  • Distance learning
    The latest digital revolution has made distance learning possible. Students living in far away areas can get access to quality education without having to move to different cities.
  • Interactive learning
    New technological inventions like 3D projections, real-time simulators and also QR coded textbooks will allow students to have a deeper knowledge.

Thus, India is yet to achieve greater results in education sector but technology can become saviour in improving quality of service offered.

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