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Question: The current NRC has been a futile attempt in citizen identification after discrepancies in the final list. Critically analyse the features of NRC and explain the significance of implementing NRC.



The final list of the National Register of citizens, which identifies genuine citizens of India under Assam Accord has been published on August 31. The final list contains the names of  3.11 crore people and excluded about 19 lakh applicants.

Drawbacks of current NRC

  • Method of determination
    The current NRC method has identified certain documents that can be used as a proof of citizenship. The problem with this method is that uneducated individuals are not in position to produce certain documents due to factors such as floods which have destroyed the documents.
  • Non transparent tribunal
    The NRC tribunal that handles disputes related to any citizenship issues functions in non transparent manner. The method of handling cases and adjudication has not been clearly indicated. This shows that NRC tribunal is not free from controversies.
  • No clarification on excluded citizens
    The NRC has not mentioned how the excluded citizens will be handled. The people missing from the list will be deported or held captive in detention camp is not yet clear. This has put a question mark on the results of the exercise.

The advantages of NRC

  • Identify and excludes illegal voters
    The NRC is capable of excluding individuals even though their name appears in the voters list. This ensures that vote bank politics does not influence the NRC process.
  • Fast dispute resolution
    The issues in tribunal are time based and hence the cases have to be judged within a stipulated time. This allows citizens the luxury of fast judgements which is absent in other judicial issues.

Possible outcomes of successful NRC

  • The resources of our country will be used for the betterment of our own citizens instead of illegal migrants.
  • The disputes between original inhabitants and outsiders, which gave birth to militant group like ULFA, can be solved.

Thus, it is observed that there is no enough evidence to classify NRC as an absolute failure or a successful exercise. Instead measures have to be taken in order to prevent illegal refugees from entering India in the future and the rights of the existing genuine citizens have to be protected.

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