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Question: Cross-Border movement of insurgents is only one of the several security challenges facing the policing of the border in North-East India. Examine the various challenges currently emanating across the India-Myanmar border. Also, discuss the steps to counter the challenges.


Answer: India-Myanmar border is one of the most porous borders in the world mainly due to inability to construct territorial fences. This has made cross country movement of terrorists a easy process, creating security challenges to the nation. In addition there are other challenges that needs to be tackled.

Various challenges due to India-Myanmar porous border

  • Drugs and arms
    The India-Myanmar border is part of golden drugs triangle, which enables movement of narcotics into the country, especially cocaine, heroine and opium which are used to finance terrorism and other illegal activities. Illegal ammunition are also brought into the country from market such as China for selling it to extremists within India.
  • Illegal refugees
    The border has turned into a easy getaway into India for all those refugees who want to leave their country of origin. This has further created natives and outsiders rifts leading to unrest. The refugees also include sleeper terrorists, who plan to infiltrate into social structure for carrying out their mission.
    Ex: Rohingya refugees arriving into India illegally from Myanmar.
  • Counterfeit currency
    One of the greatest challenge to economy is circulation of counterfeit currency. These currencies have ability to destroy domestic economy by artificially creating inflationary trends. These currencies are also responsible for funding terrorism and related activities.
  • Smuggling of goods
    Legal trade from other countries is a large contributor to revenue through levy of duties. If goods are smuggled illegally, then country loses large amount of revenue.

Measures to tackle the challenge

  • Dedicated force
    A dedicated force which is capable of protecting not only fenced areas but also challenging terrains. Strict checking can automatically flag large number of illegal consignments.
  • Smart fencing
    Use of laser technology as well as devices like infrared cameras, drones, motion sensors etc along with satellite monitoring can create additional surveillance.
  • Intelligence upgradation
    Intelligence structure needs modification in order to get advance tip about illegal events that are about to happen. This requires greater number of informants to infiltrate into smuggling gangs.

Thus, we can say that protecting against movement of illegal items into the country is of foremost importance. The authorities require tactical support from civilians in order to efficiently perform their duties.


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