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Question: Suppose the Government of India is thinking of constructing a dam in a mountain valley bond by forests and inhabited by ethnic communities. What rational policy should it resort to in dealing with unforeseen contingencies.


Answer: The construction of dams in forested areas where there are chances for destruction of environment needs certain guidelines that can enable the benefits of the project reach the people. These rational policies are must for preventing any side effects of the move.

Rational policies that government needs to keep in mind

  • Wildlife protection
    Protection of wildlife and forests along with the ecosystem is also equally important duty of the government. The dams will drown large areas of forests and kill animals if proper designs are not carried out. By formulating policies that considers wildlife protection, future problems can be avoided.
    Ex: Shifting of animals to higher areas and making arrangements for alternative sites for their dwelling.
  • Environmental ethics
    Environmental ethics is equally important to social ethics. This enables the government to keep welfare of environment in mind while taking decisions. When a dam is constructed, ecosystem of river and forests will be impacted, which will have larger effects on society.
    Ex: Taking pollution effects into consideration before allowing power plants to function.
  • Social benefits
    The project should not only benefit the urban class but they must create opportunity for upliftment of people living in forests. The project creates a situation where there is a need for compensating the forest ethnic communities who can be impacted. This can be done by providing jobs to the members of the communities.
    Ex: Industries opening schools and hospitals for welfare of indigenous communities.

Thus, the  principles hold immense value when the overall feasibility of the project is concerned. Benefits have to be translated into value addition that has been obtained through the project.

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