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Question:  Competition between nations for development of nuclear missiles is a threat for global peace. Explain role of international agencies in maintaining peace.


Answer:  The world is witnessing an arms race between super-powers. Every country is keen on showing its strength by testing new nuclear-capable missiles that can completely destroy cities. The world is going back to the cold war era with these developments.

Nuclear missiles and global peace

  • Human misery
    Nuclear missiles have the capacity to cause misery to large number of people. They destroy cities along with larger populations making them an impediment for global peace.
  • Destruction of environment
    Nuclear radiation is a threat not only for humans but also the environment. Radiation and associated problems can put the world in grave danger.

Agencies in charge of controlling nuclear missile proliferation

  • MTCR
    The Missile Technology Control Regime puts restrictions on transfer of missile and nuclear technology to non-member countries. This will prevent the technology from being used by rogue states.
  • New START treaty
    It was a treaty between two nuclear super-powers US and Russia. It put restrictions on development of intermediate range land-based ballistic missiles.
  • Nuclear Suppliers Group
    It is a group of countries that regulate supply of nuclear materials. Countries can only become members if they agree to abandon their nuclear testing program.

Controlling missile proliferation

  • Strengthening diplomacy
    Countries should strengthen their diplomacy rather than using forceful and aggressive tactics. Issues between countries should be solved without violence.
  • Stringent international law
    There should be laws made to prevent all countries to stock-pile nuclear weapons. This will reduce threats of nuclear war between countries.

Thus, nuclear missiles have indeed been threatening global peace from a long time. The world should move beyond war and bring in an era of growth and development.

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