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Question: Climate change is known to impact various sections including environment and economy. Explain the possible impact of climate change on Women and girls.


Answer: Various reports have highlighted the fact that women and girls are one of the victims of climate change as they have to face the consequences that arise to due adverse climatic conditions. The effects of this phenomenon is felt majorly in poorer countries especially in Africa.


The impact of climate change on women and girls

  • Early marriage
    Climatic changes play an important role in early marriages of girls in the world. These changes such as droughts and floods reduce food security drastically in individual families due to which they have to forcibly marry girls early to reduce the number of mouth to feed. These younger women face trauma such as domestic violence.
  • Sexual assaults
    Sexual assaults on women and girls are increasingly found in poorer dry areas affected due to droughts. The regions with dried up water resource forces women and girls to go to long distance to fetch water for drinking and other purpose. During this time they are assaulted or kidnapped bymen.
  • Increasing malnutrition
    Food insecurity also plays a major part in increasing malnutrition in mothers in the family as well as female child. Reduced food supply means that women are deprived of nutritious food in comparison to men. This is one of the reason for Maternal mortality as well as infant mortality.
  • Loss of life
    Women are forced to keep their ground during any climatic disasters which exposes them to risk of life. This phenomenon has been observed in Bangladesh where poor women do not leave their home during floods due to social stigma. This usually results in them loosing their lives.

Thus, climate change is said to impact certain sections such as poor and women more in comparison to others. It becomes increasingly important to arrest degradation of climate to protect all sections of society.

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