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Question:  China’s unilateral maritime boundary claims have put sovereignty and freedom of neighboring countries in peril. Explain need for maintaining global order in Indo-Pacific.


Answer:  China has been claiming the whole South-China Sea as its fiefdom and aggressively countering any attempts by other nations to claim stake. The US has been worried of this development and has initiated a spate of actions to tackle China’s hegemony.

China’s actions in Indo-Pacific

  • Illegal islands
    China has been constructing illegal islands in high seas and using them as their military bases. This has resulted in them claiming the whole region.
  • Illegal fishing
    Chinese private fishing vessels have been illegally fishing in waters of other nations. This is taking place through state support and violating global order.
  • Mineral exploration
    China’s ever increasing hunger for minerals is at its peak. The nation is drilling for oil in territories of other countries and using force to create dissent.

Need for maintaining global order

  • Free passage
    The region should be a free way for peaceful passage to all countries. China’s hegemony is resulting in the region becoming a private property.
  • Peace in region
    Peace can be established only if all stakeholders are ready for dialogue. China’s actions have been aggressive and violate peaceful existence.

Way ahead

  • Global alliance
    A global alliance has to be created, consisting of all like-minded countries. Its job would be to maintain global order.
  • Sanctions
    China should be threatened with sanctions if it refuses to follow global rules. China’s export driven economy can only survive through business and it will have to take concerns seriously.

Thus, China has indeed been guilty of showing high-handedness in dealing with the issue. Common prosperity goals can be achieved only through dialogues and not force.

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