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Question: “Children with literate mothers are less susceptible to malnutrition and health related problems.” Elaborate.


AnswerVarious studies carried out on young children have brought out keen facts, key among them is the role played by education of the mother for ensuring better facilities to the their children. Education indeed has a large role to play if young children have to improve their condition.

Role played by education of mother in children’s health

  • Selection of nutritious food and supplements
    Educated mothers have better knowledge with regard to the food that benefits their children, in comparison to illiterate mothers. This contributes to the well being of their children and saves them from various problems such as stunting, wasting or underweight.
  • Medical facilities
    It is often seen that illiterate or uneducated mothers do not take enough measures to give medical treatment to their children, especially in cases which are not considered illness traditionally. This will lead to complications in health of the children.
  • Hygienic practices
    Most of illness is caused due to unhygienic practices by children. They need proper guidance for practicing a healthy standard of living and the role of mother is important in this regard. Educated and literate mother is well equipped to take care of this.

Thus, educated mothers have an edge over illiterate mothers when it comes to taking better care of their children. But it is important to note that illiterate mother does not signify bad health. Experience also plays a part in maintaining health of children.

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