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Question: A building permitted for three floors, while being extended illegally to 6 floors by a builder, collapses. As a consequence, a number of innocent labourers including women and children died. These labourers are migrants of different places. The government immediately announced cash relief to the aggrieved families and arrested the builder.

Give reasons for such incidents taking place across the country. Suggest measures to prevent their occurrence.


Answer: Infrastructure development requires following certain guidelines that ensure minimal risk for workers as well as future occupants. Flouting the rules will result in occurance of disaster that can put lives at risk.

Reasons for such incidents of building collapses

  • Quality of construction material
    The builders make use of low quality of materials for constructing buildings so that they can earn large profit. Inadequate usage of basic items like cement or steel during construction will make the building weak and may result in its collapse either during construction or after some time.
  • Non scientific method of construction
    The geological structure of the area may not be suitable for constructing tall buildings due to inadequate strength of the underlying soil. The soil testing will reveal the deficiency in the site but they are blatantly ignored for reaping profits.
  • Natural disaster
    Sometimes natural disasters play a vital role in creating such circumstances. Excessive rainfall or landslide can alter the foundation of the building making it to collapse and trapping people beneath it.

Measures to prevent their occurance

  • Levying penalties
    It is necessary to levy heavy penalties on builders who violate guidelines so that such incidents are prevented from taking place. Penalties can be followed by Jail term or cancellation of license for discouraging illegal construction. In addition civic officials who permitted the construction have to be booked.
  • Annual inspection
    The buildings have to be inspected on a regular basis, preferably annually so that any problems in its structure are identified and repaired. The area has to be scientifically developed so that natural disasters do not occur.

Thus, it is necessary that action is taken to prevent incidents of building collapse. These incidents not only threaten lives of people inside them but they also result in economic loses for the owners, who have invested their life savings.


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