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Question:  Border management plays a critical role in safety and security of the nation. Explain the importance of border management with focus on Myanmar.


Answer:  Protecting border of a country is paramount for the internal welfare. The border acts as a first line of defence against external forces as it prevents a country from instability creators.

India shares borders with many countries, including Myanmar. The proximity between north-east and Myanmar makes border protection more important.

Importance of border management

  • International terror
    It will prevent insurgents from making use of foreign soil for carrying out terror activities against India. It will ensure that our people are safe from terrorizing elements.
  • Smuggling
    Illegal movement of arms, narcotics and people can be stopped by tightening border security. Prevention of smuggling is very important for keeping stability.
  • Illegal migration
    Terrorists in form of migrants can create instability. They can also be responsible for demographic change, which will create clashes with local groups.
  • International neutrality
    Myanmar is undergoing turmoil and many wanted dissidents have fled to India. Public pressure does not allow India to surrender them. This has spoiled diplomatic ties to some extent.

Maintaining peace at borders

  • Modernization
    It is necessary that borders be modernized with components such as laser detection, movement sensors etc to prevent illegal crossing.
  • Regular patrolling
    The personnel involved in patrolling have to be increased. This will prevent illegal crossers from using the opportunity to enter India.
  • Satellite and drones
    Satellite monitoring has to be conducted in real-time to monitor movements. On local level, drones can be employed for this job.

Thus, border protection is the key to internal security. As borders get more secure, more focus can be given towards other aspects of development.

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