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Question:  Border infrastructure boost will not only bolster security but will enable overall economic development in the region. Elaborate.


Answer:  Border areas in India are mostly inaccessible especially in northern and eastern sector. This has resulted in neglect of these regions for the fear of incursion of enemies. However, in recent times highest focus is given to develop infrastructure in border regions.

Border infrastructure development

  • Roads
    Border areas do not have proper roads for travel. Security forces have to rely on temporary roads for moving ahead. This will consume lots of time.
  • Bridges
    Valleys and passes get cut off during summers as river overflow. Construction of bridges will provide seamless connectivity.

Importance of developing border infrastructure

  • Accessibility to forward areas
    Border posts will be reached more easily if properly developed infrastructure exists. This includes roads, bridges, tunnels etc. The development of such projects comes in handy during wars.
  • Aid provision
    The far off regions are vulnerable to disasters such as floods, landslides, cloudbursts etc. In such cases, accessible roads will ensure that aid reaches early.
  • Tourism
    Accessibility will attract tourists to the region as such topography always has tourism potential. Along with this local people can travel to and fro easily.

Thus, border infrastructure makes our forces battle ready if such need arises in future. In addition, it will remove the geographical barrier between regions and people.

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