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Question-1. What is Belt and Road Initiative? What are the issues associated with implementation of BRI? Explain India’s opposition to BRI.


AnswerThe Belt and Road Initiative is a massive infrastructure project involving construction of railways, ports, highways, airports etc that would stretch from East Asia to Europe. It has been dubbed as a modern version of China’s ancient silk route.

Issues associated with BRI

  • Debt trap
    Under BRI, small countries are provided loans for infrastructure development and when they are unable to repay loans, China captures these projects.
  • Expansionism
    BRI has been criticised as a move of China’s expansionism politics. In the garb of linkage, China is expanding its footprints aggressively.

India’s opposition

  • Territorial integrity
    The BRI project involving Pakistan passes  through Gilgit Baltistan, which is an Indian territory. BRI also plans to develop projects in Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Strategic bases
    China is creating overseas military bases by developing ports under BRI. Using the same technique, China has created infrastructure in Gwadar, Hambantota, Sittwe etc. India’s apprehensions are valid.

Way forward

Western nations, including US has recognised the threat posed by China’s BRI and has tried to provide small developing countries alternative options of development.

Thus, Belt and Road Initiative is indeed China’s effort to announce its grand arrival on world stage. The world must be vary of Chinese grand ambitions.

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