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Question:  Avinash is a newly recruited officer in external intelligence agency, R&AW. During the course of a mission he realises that his commanding officer has ordered a hit on an individual, who does not have direct link to the case but has a personal enemity with the commanding officer. Being a honest officer, Avinash is compelled to inform higher authorities regarding the same but leaking the information can impact the outcome of the mission.
What are the issues involved? What are the options available for Avinash to act on? Explain.


Answer:  The issue faced by Avinash is a dilemma between personal integrity and professional duty. Being a officer who is sworn to protect the nation, Avinash has to choose whether he goes ahead with the hit for a greater cause or tries to uphold his integrity and sacrifice the mission.

Issues involved

  • Personal integrity and morals
    An individual such as Avinash who is morally charged and upright will feel it difficult to remain quiet if something illegal and bad is taking place. He will be forced to act but his actions will have consequences on overall functioning of organisation.
  • Organisational ethics
    In an organisation such as R&AW, where every individual dedicates his efforts and life towards the service of country, ratting out a fellow officer will leave a bad taste. This can pave way for organisation to loose its charm and discipline.

Steps available for Avinash to act

  • Talk to the official involved
    The official has to be made aware regarding the stake involved in the case and discourage him from going ahead with the hit. By convincing him of the problems that may arise by carrying out an activity such as this, there is a chance to amend the plans.
  • Anonymous tip to confidential higher authority
    This step has to be taken with extreme caution as choosing the wrong person in the organisation will result in the operation being a failure. If the person chosen is of the similar opinion to that of Avinash then the mistake can be stopped and rectified.
  • Prevent killing
    Killing can be prevented if the target is informed. But considering chances of leak of operational details, this step cannot be undertaken. In this case, police can be informed about the target so they take steps to keep the target safe from killers.

Thus, Avinash will have a large jobin his hand if he has to prevent illegal killingwithout compromising on the mission. The actions taken by him in crunch situations will define his future in the organisation.

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