What are anti satellite weapons? Discuss the significance of India’s first anti-satellite (ASAT) missile test.

President of India recently appointed the first Lokpal. Discuss the efficacy of the institution of Lokpal in curbing corruption in public life.

Recently Dalai Lama announced that his successor could be from India. What is the history of Tibetan Government-in-exile? Discuss the possible impact of Dalai Lama’s announcement on India’s bilateral relations with China.

Critically analyze the possibility of resolving the Ayodhya land dispute via the process of mediation as recently ordered by the Supreme Court.

Union Cabinet has recently approved the National Policy on Software Products. How can this policy help address the challenges faced by the Indian software industry?

Recently, an Investigative platform claimed to have exposed some celebrities who agreed to promote any specified political party on their social media accounts for money. Do you think the celebrities are acting in an ethical manner? Analyze.

Union Cabinet has approved the proposal for establishment of National Cow Commission. Discuss the functions of this body. Also, examine its significance for Indian agriculture.

Recently, more than 20 lions in Gujarat succumbed to a virus. Discuss the challenges of wildlife protection and conservation in India. How can the forest dwellers be made partners in the same?

Election Commission has announced 100% use of VVPAT for General Election 2019. What is a VVPAT machine? Discuss the efficacy of VVPAT machines in ensuring free and fair elections?

Pulwama Terror Attack highlights intelligence and security failure of India. What do you think are the problems plaguing India’s intelligence agencies? How can the government address the same?