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Question:  Apiculture provides a suitable option for non-agricultural income development in rural parts of India. Highlight steps taken by the government to develop commercial honey bee rearing.


Answer:  The profession of beekeeping is hardly explored in commercial perspective in India. This has devoid many rural households from a prospective revenue earning venture. The government has been focusing on new ways of popularizing apiculture in India.

Importance of apiculture

  • Natural pollination
    Apart from revenue from honey, the bees are involved in pollination. This will particularly benefit the farmers who grow fruits and vegetables.
  • Boost household income
    The apiculture does not require much of efforts. It can be carried out as a side profession to boost the household income of families.
  • Creation of jobs
    Apiculture creates new jobs in form of beekeepers, harvesting, processing factories, manufacturing as well as marketing.

Sweet revolution

  • It is an ambitious initiative of the Government of India for promoting apiculture.
  • The move involves setting up of mobile vans to process honey at door steps of farmers.
  • The van is also equipped with a testing laboratory, which would instantly examine the quality of honey.

National Beekeeping and honey mission

  • The scheme is implemented by the National Bee Board (NBB) for three years from 2020 to 2023.

It is aimed at the overall development and promotion of scientific beekeeping in India to achieve the objectives of the Sweet Revolution.

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