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Question:  “An essential condition to eradicate poverty is to liberate the poor from the process of deprivation.” Substantiate this statement with suitable examples.


Answer:  Poverty is one of the many problems that is plaguing India for a long time. About 40% of India’s population consists of people below the poverty line. There have been many efforts to define poverty, but the broadest classification is deprivation of essential commodities that is needed for a normal life.

How to prevent people from deprivation?

  • Targeted delivery of services
    Poverty eradication cannot be taken up as a broad exercise without actually knowing the number of people that has to be targeted. By identifying the targeted beneficiaries we can ensure that schemes and measures benefits the needy and does not go in waste.
    Ex: The PM Jan Arogya Yojana was targeted for families based on Socio-economic caste census and thus the government knew the range of its beneficiaries. This allowed government to allocate resources based on need and not just on assumptions.
  • Reduce paperwork and procedures
    Government schemes are usually stuck up in paperwork and red tape. This reduces its efficiency and makes it worthless. It is necessary to reduce the barriers so that people benefit from the services without having to put excessive efforts.
    Ex: Linking gas subsidy to Jan Dhan accounts has helped government to transfer the money directly to bank accounts without having to rely on paperwork and procedural delays.
  • Identification of essential commodities
    The main condition for poverty to exist is that people cannot afford a certain commodity that is necessary in life. This makes poverty more relevant as people cannot lead a normal life with all basic amenities. It is thus necessary to identify and provide the essential needs.
    Ex: Health and education are the major basic needs that is usually deprived from the poorest of sections. By providing them with these, we can ensure that basic features of life have been provided.

Thus, we observe that India’s poverty status has improved as coverage for food and shelter has been resolved. Advanced commodities like higher education, health, services and nutrition must be taken up as priority projects in the future.

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