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Question: America has signed a peace accord with Taliban to pull out its troops within next 14 months. What are the stakes for countries such as India with such a move that may rekindle the war in West Asia?


AnswerThe American policy has reversed in past few years regarding its overseas military expeditions. It now considers these expeditions as waste of time and money. In lieu with this belief it has planned to withdraw its troops from military bases across the globe including Afghanistan.

Reasons for this move

  • Political pressure
    Donald Trump has made it a policy of withdrawing America from overseas military affairs as he considers them to be a burden on its resources. So it is imperative that such a step was in reckoning.
  • Honourable exit
    The Taliban has not been eliminated as America believed it to be. This is a big blot on American military might and they are looking for a honourable exit, eventhough it means leaving Afghans in cold water.

India’s issues regarding this move

  • India’s influence
    India’s influence in Afghanistan is limited to the civilian government with regards to bilateral relationship. With Taliban gaining grounds, rivals such as Pakistan will play large role in foreign policy of Afghanistan.
  • Infrastructure and trade
    Afghanistan plays an important role in India’s trade plans for central Asia and eastern Europe. The central Asian trade corridor will be severely affected if Taliban return at the helm. India needs to work out the solution for handling this problem in future.
  • Increased militancy in Kashmir
    It is a known fact that India used its goodwill in Afghanistan to indulge Pakistan on its western border and keep its focus away from Kashmir. With Pakistani sympathisers in form of Taliban return back to power, India will lose this privilege.

Way forward
Efforts have to be made to keep a civilian government in Afghanistan as long as possible and try to eliminate the conservative section of Taliban. This can mellow down the threat upto certain extent.

Thus, this issue should not be considered as a internal security challenge, instead all the neighbourhood countries must make an effort to restore the peace including Iran and Saudi. This will be beneficial to the world on the long run.

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