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Question: How is efficient and affordable urban mass transport key to the rapid economic development in India?


Answer: Indian urban development is proceeding at a rapid pace which has made proper planning a key ingredient to success.  One of the main component is urban transport system which makes travelling easier and affordable as well as act as a catalyst for overall development.

Efficient and affordable urban mass transport: Keystone to economic development

  • Reduces dependence on personal vehicle
    In urban settings, large amount of money is spent on transportation in form of personal vehicles or cars on hire. In long term this results in wastage of money. If there is an affordable and convenient urban transport system, there will be no need for personal vehicles. The saved amount can be used for other investments purposes. This in turn contributes towards economic growth.
  • Increase in productive man hours
    In large metros such as Bengaluru as well as some of the most congested cities, large amount of time is spent in traffic during transit towards offices. These man hours can be better utilised for productive work. The utilised time from faster and efficient transport system can contribute towards economic growth.
  • Health benefits
    In countries such as India, pollution is a major component of health problems. Most of the health problems are encountered by exposure to harmful air during travel. This health problem has potential to cause long time drainage of economic resources. If an efficient transport system is available, there are more chances that commuters will avoid harmful road transport system.
  • Development of suburban towns
    As observed earlier, our cities have been overflowing due to its inability to support such as large population. Considering the need of such cities, there needs to be another solution which can allow people away from city to travel to and fro from the city easily. By developing a fast urban transport system, towns and cities located on the outskirts can be developed.

Way forward
Time is of utmost importance for urban population. Upcoming projects like Hyperloop or Suburban railway is surely the better option.

Thus, it can be better if public transport system is upgraded to handle large-scale population. This will not only reduce pollution significantly but also make movement fast, easy and efficient.

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