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Question: Aakash is an employee of a leading cosmetic company with high reputation. The company plans to launch a new product that is based on the idea of fairness and beauty. The company has high stakes in success of this product and Aakash’s boss has given him the responsibility of making this product work. Aakash is a vivid believer in equality in society and is totally against such ideas promoting colour differences but he his bound by professionalism. Explain issues faced by Aakash and possible measures to handle the problem.

Answer: The issue faced by Aakash is genuine and is in line with his personal beliefs. Being a proponent of equality, it is good that Aakash has raised his voice against such discriminatory behaviour but he has to find the right way to handle this situation.

Issues faced by Aakash

  • Moral values
    Aakash’s moral values do not promote discrimination and allowing such incident to take place will be violation of his code of ethics. It will be a great dilemma if he will be forced to choose between his job and moral values.
  • Professional ethics
    An individual of an organisation is bound by organisational duties and professional behaviour. In organisations, it is required to separate individual opinion from overall opinion of the group.

Measures to handle the issue

  • Tweaking advertisement
    The message advocated by the product is based on how the advertisement of the product is designed and propagated. The theme of the product can be altered to separate it from colour divisive ideas and instead it can be promoted as a glowing or enhancing product, that does not show dark colour as degrading.
  • Convincing higher officials
    It is necessary to take higher officials under confidence in order handle such a delicate issue. In this modern society that promotes equality in all senses, the company must be made aware of the consequences of running such a sensitive issue that can face potential backlash. Allowing the higher officials to take decisions after convincing them of the issue is better.
  • Resignation
    If the issue cannot be resolved in a peaceful manner through convincing higher officials it will be better to resign from the job. Ethics and morals shape a person’s behaviour and are part and parcel of his/her life. One cannot be expected to keep his/her mouth shut while allowing such an incident to take place.

Thus, equality is very central for promoting global peace and it is the responsibility of like minded citizens to rise up and oppose such discriminatory practices.


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